and Evolution.

Evultis SA has dedicated its resources to human and animal health, serving pharmaceutical industry along its way with solutions and ingredients that help against several disease or simple health disorder.

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Human and Animal Health solutions
from ideas to development then to wellbeing,
built on experience and know-how

  • 1972Evultis SA came into the light

    That was in the early 1972 when Evultis SA came into the light, a Swiss company trading with APIs and Intermediates, serving large number of pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide, sourcing best quality ingredients and providing solutions to different poles in the industry.
  • Got to be
    The Trusted Partner

    Year after year Evultis SA got to be The Trusted Partner and supplier, it took long steps and made partnership with pharmaceutical well-known names, the company continued to invest and has established its own production facilities to manufacture its products with the long-gained experience and know-how.
  • Became Evultis Group

    Expanding its presence worldwide and adding new segments to its business to be Evultis Group. Today we operate in Human Health with APIs and Intermediates, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, in Animal Health with Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, feed & feed additives, and Pet food supplement, beside in Hygiene Field and Logistics Services.
  • 2022In constant progress

    Evultis Group continue in constant progress, investing in research and development to provide the healthcare industry with the best solutions. We employ the latest technologies and materials to fulfil the fast-growing needs in a continuous changing and challenging world.