It's all about health!

APIs and Intermediates

This segment is one of the main divisions in our group. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are the main column in the medicine construction, which assure the efficiency of pharmaceutical products involved in human and animal health.
Some of our products such as Penicilline G Sodium, Fosfomycin Trometamol, Ketoprofen, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) etc.., get in touch for more information.

Human Health

One of our principles is to create awareness and knowledge about human health and wellbeing investing in research and development.
Evultis had made important developments in pharmaceutical industry.

Animal Health

Animal nutrition and wellbeing is fundamental for better world, that is why we invest in creating better nutraceutical and pharmaceutical that improve animal health.


Individual beauty contributes to the collective beauty of the world.
Evultis by providing specific solutions and treatments for skin disorder and pigmentation with patented formulas and innovative ingredients.


To serve pharmaceutical industry it is essential to handle the ingredients and specially the active ingredients with care and knowledge.
Evultis invests in special and customized logistics services dedicated to fine chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries and other fields that require specific handling care.


We invest to create a clean world, where we create and provide high efficiency products eco-friendly.
When it’s related to animal farms we provide natural solutions that reduce presence of undesired smell, insects and disease that has impact on the animal health and sequentially on the human health.

Flavours, fragrances, essential oils and fine chemicals

In partnership with Evultis, Frey & Lau - excellence since 1836 - a German Pioneer in essential oils distillation, flavors, fragrances, and aroma chemicals production serve its customers with punctuality and professionalism in several industries such as: food & beverage, pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals, animal feed, cosmetics & personal care, painting, detergents, fine perfumery.

Natural botanical extracts

Evultis offers a wide range of selected extracts with different advanced technologies to serve industries like cosmetics, nutraceuticals, feed, food and beverage.

Evultis represents:
DEVE' an italian manufacturer of high-quality liquid extracts used in many of the cosmetics products since years. Extracts such as: Lipolic, Hydroalcoholic, Glyceryl extracts.
EVRA is an italian group well-known producer of dry extracts with excellent extraction process and quality control. EVRA with a very great attention forward its territory and social responsibility is a flag in its industry.